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Texas Aerial of 360 Bridge Sunrise 1216-1

360 Bridge - Austin, Texas

This image taken with a drone of the 360 Bridge at Sunset can only be done in mid to late December. This is the only time of year the sun drifts far enough south to show up at this angle and provide a starburst. This panorama shows the Colorado River flowing beneath Pennybacker Bridge. In the distance is the downtown area of Austin, Texas.
When I was processing this image, I couldn’t figure out why one of the buildings was a bit crooked. Finally, I realized it was the new Jenga building, and the details of its structure in the photograph were actually correct!
It was a cold December morning - about 34 degrees with crisp, cold air all around. Still, it was a beautiful sunrise and I was glad to enjoy the winter scenery. Photo © copyright by Rob Greebon.