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Sunset over Guadalupe Peak and El Capitan 1

Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Rising 8,751 feet from the Chihuahuan Desert, Guadalupe Peak is the tallest summit in Texas. Below this lofty perch is the iconic El Capitan. This photograph was captured at sunset on a perfect late fall evening. While the maps say it is 4.25 miles from the trailhead to the summit, my Garmin GPS told me I’d covered 4.65 miles each way, making for a 9.3 mile round trip, half of that in the dark. The trail isn’t difficult, rising 3,000 vertical feet, but it will still get you a nice workout. Hauling cameras, a tripod, and several lenses up the mountain adds a bit to the challenge, but also allows me to capture timeless moments such as this. I passed a few folks as I was ascending and they were coming down. I received several strange looks and a some people asked if I had a flashlight (I usually carry two headlamps and several flashlights). And at sunset, I had the peak all to myself - not a bad way to spend a few hours! Photo © copyright by Rob Greebon.