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Sunset from Oso Peak, Big Bend Ranch 4

Big Bend Ranch State Park

Reaching the summit of Oso Mountain, the tallest point in Big Bend Ranch State Park, does not come easy. From Presidio, a 30 mile drive down a dirt road takes you to a less-well maintained dirt road that requires 4WD high clearance. After a few miles bumping up and down and around on this road, you see Oso Peak in the distance. Finding a parking place is easy - just pull over wherever you want to start the hike. From that point you are bushwhacking across and up a steep ascent of cacti, scrub, yucca, and rocks hidden in tall grass. But the top offers amazing views of the surrounding Texas hills. This view shows the sunset on a cool October evening. And of course, I never saw another person while out on this trek.