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Sunrise over Bluebonnets in Big Bend NP 223

Big Bend National Park

From high atop a small mesa on the southwest side of Big Bend National Park, bluebonnets filled the foreground while in the distance, the iconic Mule Ears rock formation climbed into the morning sky. On the downslope from where my tripod stood, one of the best displays of bluebonnets in 50 years cascaded down the rocky hillside. In the valley below, the Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive can be seen winding its way through the hills and desert.

This particular spring in Big Bend was a special one as Texas’ favorite wildflower was a prolific as its ever been. After several years of non-existent presence in the region, these wildflowers sprang up in all nooks and rocky crevices. Winter rains allowed for the seeds to sprout and emerge, and cooler temperatures made way for a beautiful and widespread bloom. Photo © copyright by Rob Greebon.