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South Taurids over Old Baldie 1111-1

Garner State Park

After photographing the beautiful fall colors along the Frio River in Garner State Park, I hiked up just a little beyone the Painted Rock overlook to get a view of the night sky. Knowing this was during the South Taurids Meteor Shower, I brought along my star tracker and shot some night sky views looking out across the valley and over to Old Baldie, an icon of this park. I had hoped to see a few meteors and even photograph one or two from this vantage point. Fortunately, despite their smaller appearance rate, I did manage to have the shutter open when this slow-moving streak of light flashed across the sky. I had hoped to photograph the Milky Way up here as well, but it was a little too far to the west to fit into this scene. However, the night sky was beautiful and quiet from this lofty overlook. Photo © copyright by Rob Greebon.

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