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Mesa de Anguila Panorama, Big Bend 307-1

Mesa de Anguila, Big Bend National Park

From high above the Rio Grande, this panorama shows a portion of Santa Elena Canyon that few ever see. The Mesa de Anguila is one of the most remote parts of Big Bend National Park. From the town of Lajitas, a trail leads up to the mesa and down to one of the most amazing views of this border river anywhere to be found. To reach this point, a trail leads to a saddle in the mesa, and while the scene is nice from this point, a hike further down (and off trail) results in this wide-angle view of the Rio Grande as it cuts through the ancient rock, with the Sierra Ponce (the name of the mesa on the Mexico side of the border), on the Mexican side of the river. The horseshoe shape of the river’s path reminds many of Arizona’s Horseshoe Bend. This panorama of the Rio Grande was taken at sunset on a cool March evening. Clouds were dominant most of the day, but enough light was able to sneak over the horizon to turn a small swath of sky orange and red for about five quick minutes.

This panorama is available in larger and custom sizes. Please contact me for more information. Photo © copyright by Rob Greebon.