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Hill Country Bluebonnet Heaven 413-1

Texas Hill Country

It seems like the further I venture into the backroads of Texas in search of bluebonnets, the more of an adventure the trip becomes. This aerial view of a dirt road was taken with my drone one late afternoon in April. I wanted to show the swath of blue that filled each side of the road. The blooms of flowers stretched for miles, and the road curved to the distant hills. From the ground level, the sea of blue was solid and stretched to the horizon. White prickly poppies were interspersed among the bluebonnets, and a few cows roamed the expanse, as well. I photographed wildflowers along this road for 3 hours and never saw another person nor car, though cows and turkey kept me company with their calls.

I am a licensed drone pilot and adhere to the rules of the FAA 107 certificate. Photo © copyright by Rob Greebon.