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Capitol Peak October Sunrise 1

Capitol Peak - Palo Duro Canyon

I wanted to find a view of Capitol Peak for a sunrise photograph. After examing google earth as well as my own images taken from the summit of Capitol Peak, I mapped out a possible route to the top following a small, rocky wash up a crevass. So well before first light and in the dark, I headed down the trailhead for a short 20-minute walk before heading uphill. The gully was steep and rocky and required scrambling up on all fours. At one point, I sat down and decided not to go up further. After exploring my options for composing the shot, I reassessed the goals, weighed the risk vs. reward, and resumed my uphill trek. I finallly decided on this spot about 2/3 way up the sketchy slope. Here, I was fearful of standing straight because of the loose rock - and a slip meant almost certain death. So I butt-scooted out to the edge of this point, carefully set up the tripod, and waited for sunrise over Palo Duro Canyon. This was the result. I probably wouldn’t do this again, and I won’t mention here the precariousness of the descent. Photo © copyright by Rob Greebon.