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Big Bend Ranch State Park at Sunset 11

The Other Side of Nowhere

The unofficial motto of Big Bend Ranch State Park is "The other side of nowhere." Just west of Big Bend National Park, this sprawling area is where the wild places are - vast and virtually untouched. This image was taken on the slope of Oso Peak, the highest point in the park. After a twenty mile drive down a decent dirt road, a shorter, rather terrible 4WD high-clearance dirt road leads to this area, and then it is a thorny, beating of a bushwhack to reach the summit. However, you'll likely. never see another person all day. Just keep an eye out for mountain lions and rattlesnakes. And hope your tires hold up on the drive back to your campsite!

This image appears tinted in a blue-ish and purple hue. The colors really appeared this way and I tried to keep it as authentic as I saw it.

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