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Bats over Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas

Every summer Mexican Free-tailed bats migrate to Austin and make their residence under the Congress Bridge. With over a million bats, this nightly spectacle of the bats leaving the bridge has become a major tourist attraction throughout the summer. Here, set against the setting sun and the Austin skyline, the bats take to the air in search of their evening meal. The other portion of this Austin skyline picture features local highlights and highrises such as Ladybird Lake, Congress Bridge, the Austin Hyatt, the Austonian, the 360 Condos, the Springs Condos, and even the Texas Lone Star Riverboat (a boat that allows folks to view the bats close-up). Watching the bats beneath the Austin cityscape is quite an experience. Just be careful when you look up. Photo © copyright by Rob Greebon.