Recent Work from Texas

Hi Everyone!

Like everyone else, it seems, I'm hunkered down during the day to avoid the crazy heat, though I do get out at sunrise and in the evenings.

I was fortunate enough to spend all of July and the first week of August at 9,000' in elevation high up in the Rockies - staying cool and photographing wildflowers in some of my favorite places. I already miss those hikes up to 12,000' in the dark - with temperatures in the mid 30s - to photograph hidden meadows of blue and golds. If you want to take a peek at those images, feel free to visit my Colorado website - and my newest photos - here: Recent Photos from Colorado.

This month, I'm just waiting for cooler temperatures and new places to shoot. Where? We'll see. I'll be heading back to Palo Duro in late September. Other than that, tentative plans include the Guadalupe Mountains, Big Bend and Caddo Lake.

If you haven't checked out my Iceland gallery, please feel free to do so. I've had the good fortune to photograph this beautiful island-country the past two summers. I've included a few new photographs in this gallery :-)

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In the meantime, safe travels, everyone!

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