Recent Work from Texas

Hi Everyone!

Bluebonnets were nice this Spring, and the reds of firewheels and golds of greenthread and other yellow blooms, while vibrant, are fading. Still the prickly pear blooms of gold, orange, and pink hues are everywhere in the hill country. I've spent some time driving around but seem to always end up back at Enchanted Rock. The views of the big Rock from other prominent viewpoints (Little Rock and Turkey Peak) make for stunning scenes with prickly pear in the foreground. I've also spent a few days at Big Bend enjoying the cacti blooms out west. While the weather was not ideal, I did have an evening atop the Lost Mine Trail and a morning in the desert with nice colors.

I'm working on these images taken over the last few weeks and will be adding more wildflowers images as time permits.

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In the meantime, safe travels, everyone!

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