Recent Work from Texas

Unfortunately, with the lingering effects of La Nina, the lack of rain over the late fall and into winter has produced a bleak bluebonnet and wildflower crop. Some locations south and east of Austin (Washington County) may be a few patches of blue, but not the sweeping vistas of blooms that us folk in the Texas Hill Country enjoy.

So, with a dearth of bluebonnets this Spring, I've visited downtown Austin at least five times this month in an effort to update my downtown photos of the every changing skyline.

And... if you haven't checked out my Iceland gallery, please feel free to do so. I've got about 120 images in that gallery now as I try to show others the beauty of that far away and stunning island-nation. I've got plans to return there in June to further explore the outdoor mecca.

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In the meantime, safe travels, Texas!