East Iceland

East Iceland is a less-visited area than the rest of the country, mostly because a majority of tourists spend a few days in Reykjavik on their way to countries in Europe. Enjoying the pristine beauty of east Iceland requires effort – a long drive on the Ring Road (Highway 1) – and a little more of an investment. But those following the less-trodden path are rewarded with stunning fjords, artsy towns along the ocean, and black sand beaches that show perfect reflections of imposing mountains. Some of my favorite areas include:

* Seyðisfjörður - is a quiet town with a population of around 700. The Blue Church and colorful street leading to this church are a highlight. Park benches rest along the water, providing a place to slow down and take in the beautiful surroundings. Just outside of town, heading east down a dirt road with ocean water on the left and high slopes of the fjord on the right, lupine seem to create a blue and purple carpet each June.
* Höfn - a village on the southeast coast with a population of around 2,000., Höfn makes for a nice stop with some surprisingly good restaurants.
* The Vestrahorn Mountain - rises over the black sands beach just east of the Höfn. While a small fee is required to enter (it is on private land), the price is worth it on a beautiful day.

From fjords to mountains to waterfalls, the east portion of Iceland calls to those who enjoy escaping the tour buses.

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