Caddo Lake Images and Prints

Both mysterious and beautiful, Caddo Lake is a photographer’s dream. My most recent adventure to this area was specifically for enjoying and shooting the Autumn colors of cypress trees. Nearly 95% of the images you’ll find in this gallery showing the orange and red hues of Fall were taken while I was sitting in a kayak. My tripod was outside my kayak, resting (mostly) securely in the muck that rested on the lake bottom. I’d never photographed anything from a kayak, and this adventure was fun, challenging, frustrating, and ultimately rewarding, and I hope to return many times in future seasons for further exploration!

Past trips to Caddo Lake were in summer. The green of the cypress and blue skies highlighted those trips - again from a boat - and whetted my appetite for many returns. Some of my favorite areas include:

* Saw Mill Pond at Caddo Lake State Park

* Benton Lake

* Turtle Shell Paddling Trail

* The Cathedral Paddling Trail

* Carter's Chute

I've also added some images of Daffodils from Gladewater, Texas and the Helen Lee Foundation ranch. I know this isn't Caddo Lake, but it in the east Texas area!

I hope you enjoy this gallery featuring images from this east Texas gem.