Brownsville And South Padre Island Images And Prints

Welcome to my online gallery featuring photographs from Brownsville, Texas, and the surrounding areas including South Padre Island and Port Isabel.

Brownsville, Texas, sits along the Texas-Mexico border. The opportunities for photography in this border town are varied - from stately architecture to the waterways (resacas) found throughout the city. This southernmost city in the Lone Star state offers a sub-tropical climate year-round with temperatures averaging ~ 75 degrees. Having its origins as a Mexican War military outpost, recent times have seen Brownsville grow into the largest city in the Rio Grande Valley. The first European families settled the area in 1746, more than 200 years after the first Europeans had visited the area. In the mid 1800s, the Texas Revolution and war with Mexico brought on change. Fort Texas was established along the Rio Grande, and the settlement around the fort was known as Brownsville. The town received its name after US Army Major Jacob Brown died in battle. Founded in 1848, Brownsville became an incorporated town in 1853 and the county seat of Cameron County. Of the city’s 146 square miles, nearly 10% of the area is water, creating many unique perspectives throughout the town..

Port Isabel is a quaint town that sits between Brownsville and South Padre Island. During the Civil War, Port Isabel served as an important port for exporting cotton and supplies. The lighthouse and harbor were fought over, and even changed hands. The main points of historical interests are the Port Isabel Lighthouse and the port, though the port is mostly run by shrimping companies these days and is largely inaccessible.

Heading east out of Port Isabel, the Queen Isabella Causeway travels over 2 miles, spanning the Laguna Madre and connects the mainland with South Padre Island. The Causeway was built in 1974 and replaced the old bridge, which now serves as a fishing pier. The causeway leads into the tourist area and to the beaches of South Padre.

Just to the east sits South Padre Island, a mecca for beach lovers and sightseers. South Padre Island is a resort town that sits on the south side of an island by the same name. The stretch of land is a barrier island. Named after a Catholic Priest - Padre José Nicolás Ballí, this quaint and touristy town now has about 3,000 permanent residents. The area is also along a mecca for bird-watchers and is part of a migratory route for many species in the spring and fall.

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